Venerable Deans

  1. Brad Skiles
  2. Bradford Beschler
  3. John Chipperfield
  4. Keith Nagley
  5. Andrew Lingenfelter
  6. Richard Wilhelm
  7. Harold Ford III
  8. Hans Richter
  9. Robert Roelle
  10. David Pines
  11. Christopher Atherton
  12. Adam Bickford
  13. Brian Gaumer
  14. Chad Yingling
  15. Timothy Atherton
  16. Patrick Blanch
  17. Ryan Henderson
  18. Mark Dotta
  19. Dominic Geraci
  20. Matthew Gosik
  21. Matthew Lenihan
  22. Eric Raymond
  23. Benjamin Paranzino
  24. Matthew Gardner
  25. Matthew Listner
  26. Patrick Courson
  27. Donovan Corcoran
  28. Colin Herbine
  29. Kevin Mynaugh

History of Millersville Chapter of ACACIA

The Millersville Chapter of ACACIA began as an idea, conceived by Brad Skiles, in the winter of 1987 in Bard Hall. The inspiration for the idea came from Todd Skiles, Brad's brother, an Acacian at Shippensburg University. Brad obtained the names of twenty five interested men with the help of Mark Hess and after contacting ACACIA International Headquarters, Millersville ACACIA became an official colony. Sixteen of the twenty five began the 4-week pledge program, and temporary officers were elected. When the 4-week pledge program was completed, the executive council of the ACACIA chapter initiated the sixteen., Thus, the ACACIA Chapter of Millersville University was founded on May 2, 1987. The chapter was officially chartered April 23, 1988.

A pair of local awards have been established in honor of two of our founding brothers and are given out annually in the spring. The Brad Skiles Award is given to the brother that best exemplifies ACACIA by showing the most ACACIA Spirit. For achieving the highest G.P.A. in the fraternity, a brother is rewarded with the John Chipperfield Award.

Founders of ACACIA at Millersville University

  1. Brad Skiles
  2. Steven Yacono
  3. Eric Staub
  4. Miguel Rivera
  5. David Misselhorn
  6. Kaj Miller
  7. Christian Michael
  8. Roy Khor
  9. Mark Hess
  10. David Culshaw
  11. John Chipperfield
  12. Russell Boop
  13. Bradford Beschler
  14. Douglas Barge
  15. David Adams (Pledge)
  16. Bradley Boyd (Pledge)